Monday, February 2, 2009

Why would you do that?

I didn't mention what happened to me yesterday morning. Saturday night Dave was more than a little lethargic. I figured it was the 3 lbs of pork in her, so I wasn't that worried. We all went to sleep like normal. Now Dave sleeps on her dog bed which is set up next to my side of the bed. Yesterday morning as I was reaching over to pick up my BBT thermometer, all I could smell was some one's eggy farts! I eyed Dave and she just kept sleeping like normal. I couldn't stand it so I gave up finding my thermometer and went back to sleep. 

Later when I got up I went to go pee. Dave has learned that this is the optimal time to be petted so she always wants to be in the bathroom with me. If I shut her out then she's at the door scratching, head-butting the door and whining. Yesterday morning she walks into the room and burps! It was horrible! The most rancid, putrid rotting meat smell I have ever smelled ever! As soon as she burped, she sniffed, gave me a look like I was the culprit and then turned around and high tailed it out of the room. I was stuck with my pajamas around my ankles, mid stream and nauseous from the smell. I got out of there as fast as I could. And what did I find in the bedroom? Dave had jumped up and curled up on my side of the bed. Yesterday morning was the only time I have shoved her off the bed.


Erin said...

I laughed out loud while reading this. Dogs crack me up. My own stinky stink bomb has a habit of jumping up on the couch, just to burp in my face! Gotta love 'em!