Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Family Affair

Text message exchange between Kevin and myMom yesterday:

myMom: "The Mo parental units would like to invade the Maz residence at the same time as Wiki is that OK"
Kevin: "That would be fine, although someone will have to sit out when we play Rock Band."
myMom: "I can be the crazy fan"

So it seems that I've now got to entertain the whole family! For a week! I'm trying to figure out how to swing some time off while still having time for Kev's and my big trip. Kevin has it easy, because he gets one more week of vacation than I do, but I'm sure he was planning on using that time for when his parental units came into town. I guess we'll just figure something out.

RR called me! She called the house yesterday and luckily Kevin got the message pretty early because he was home making carrots for Caritas. I was able to call her after work and we're spending the day together hanging out in DC. While on the phone we realized that the last time we saw each other was for our grandfather's 75th birthday celebration. That was in May 2001. Wow! Almost 8 years ago! Wow!


Beth said...

I was just going to ask when wiki was coming, but then i saw your ticker. i need to give her a call next week & be suprised when she tells me she's coming to visit you :)