Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ovulation v2.0

Yesterday's appointment went well. Dr. G was dissappointed that I didn't do an OPK. First he did another ultrasound and couldn't find Mr. Follicle. At one point he asked "Was it on the right or left ovary?" and Ms. J responded that it was on the right. He said that he couldn't see it and so had another look. But it wasn't there anymore! It's a good thing we had this appt! Otherwise we would have completely missed this month because I thought I had ovulated back on Friday. Next was the PCT. We gathered around the microscope and I got to see the little swimmers! I didn't think to ask if it was a good sample or not but both he and Ms. J seemed pleased.
My temp this morning shot up! Even higher than on Saturday. So now we wait. The 12DW to be exact.
On a happy note, it looks like Valeta had her baby! He's soooo cute! And I think he came on his due date which is awesome. Yay for baby!