Friday, December 12, 2008


The u/s didn't last that long. Afterwards, Dr. T told me that it doesn't look I ovulated. No sh!t Sherlock! Also, he said that since my lining isn't that thick he doesn't think AF is going to visit on her own. After talking a little bit about injectibles (yikes!) we decided that I'm going to stay on Clomid, but at 150mg for round 4. Also HCG trigger shot on CD16 again. He said that because of my lining thickness and that there weren't any follicles/cysts in the ovaries, I could start the next round of Clomid now. However Kev and I are going to back to his for the holidays so that would mean I would be 3000 miles away on CD16. So Dr. T wants me to go ahead and do Provera and then Clomid. So based on this schedule the next time I POAS should be at the end of January.

When I got home, I had a packet from Dr. G's office. In it was:
1. A letter from Ms. J (who's the office manager).
2. A registration form.
3. Directions to the office
4. Male Patient History Form (3 pages!)
5. Female Patient History Form (again 3 pages!)
6. A brochure about Dr. G/Center where he mentions his & his wife's own struggle with infertility.
I'm sooooo excited about working with this doctor. I'm going to take some of your suggestions and call the office to see if I can be put on a cancelled appt list.

Kev and I have come up with a plan for what's next. I'll post more about it later.


Amanda said...

I'm glad you got in. I'm impressed that your Dr. actually came to the phone. Sometimes I think these Dr. offices forget that they are there to help people.

Sorry the cycle was a bust, but at least you have a plan for the next and not too much waiting.

Becky said...

Why are doctor's offices always so damm difficult to get info out of, call back, paper work etc???

Sounds like this new doctor is just what you need. I'm a huge clomid fan, but i'm sorry you have to use the provera to bring on your periods, that i do not like!! I know some one who got pregnant on the 150, that's the highest it goes right? Good luck, enjoy the holiday!

Hillary said...

I'm so glad you've found such a great doctor! That sounds like a HUGE relief and step forward :)